Long Term Care -
Life Insurance Comparisons

Our mission is to provide unbiased comparisons to help advisors evaluate differences between products and riders, so they can offer the best LTC-Life Insurance solution to their clients.

  • LTC Extension of Benefit products (aka:  Hybrid or Linked Benefit)
  • LTC Riders
  • Chronic Illness Riders with Up-Front Charges (known predictable benefits)
  • Chronic Illness Riders with Charges and Benefits determined at Acceleration
  • Critical Illness Riders
Impartial, Independent, Competitive Intelligence Services.

Compare before you decide

Living Benefit Review provides in-depth, up to date articles, & comparisons of LTC life
insurance options. We want you to make the best decision possible!

Latest Articles

Industry: Life Ins - LTC

Chart Comparing LTC Solutions: Sales App, Client Profiles, UW, Tax, State Legislation…

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Hybrid Products

The Hybrid Life/LTC Product Market – An Intro to The Sand Wedge of Insurance Products (Guest Author: Steve Cox)

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Comparing LTC

LBR provides objective, in-depth product, and rider analysis to help you make smarter decisions.

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